Willenhall Black Belt Academy

In 2016 Sakura Karate Association established their own Martial Arts Training Centre, situated in the heart of Willenhall.

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“Willenhall DOJO” is now the HQ (Honbu) Dojo of the Association and it continues to thrive under the tutelage of Sensei's Mark, Becky & Emmy Knight.

They worked tirelessly to create a high-quality environment, that would reflect the quality of the association and provide the best opportunity for the Sakura members to flourish.

The Centre's wall to wall Tatami (Mats) are ideal for the requirements of general karate training as well as competition practice.  This provides the perfect environment for sweeps, throws and ground work. 

The dojo has a full-sized mirror wall and also has a host of other equipment on hand to give each student everything they need to succeed in karate.

The Dojo is large enough to have two distinct training areas that allow lessons to be split into smaller groups when required. It's size also enables Sakura to hold their own events such as Gradings, Courses and Summer camps as well as hosting their annual Interclub Competition.


WBBA also has a Members-Only Shop stocking all the items needed for your training from beginner to black belt. Items available to purchase online via the menu above or direct at the Dojo.


Our Spectator area overlooks both training areas and is the ideal place to observe lessons.