Sensei Kelsey

Assistant Club Instructor


Kelsey Evans has been training in Wado Karate for 9 years and holds the grade of 2nd Dan.

Kelsey has trained and competed all over Europe.

She is a Sakura assistant coach and squad captain. 


Wado Experience

Kelsey began Karate aged 6 years old training at one of Sakura Karate Academy's early locations - Wednesfield Community Centre in our little ninja's (little lions now) class. Less than 2 years later she entered her first competition,  Wadokai England Championships, where she competed in Kata and won a Silver medal.

Kelsey continued her training at Sakura and her competition success at local and National competitions. She began training at Way to Excellence courses with Sakagami Sensei 8th Dan and Wadokai England Squad training sessions aged just 9 years old. In 2017 Kelsey competed in her first Wadokai European Championships in Sardinia and performed brilliant kata to win a Bronze medal marking the beginning of her international career. 

Kelsey was awarded her JKF (Japanese Karate Federation) 1st Dan aged 12 being one of the youngest students to take their senior Dan grading at Sakura. During the past 9 years she has trained with many different instructors in many dojo around the UK and gained a great knowledge of Wado karate which along with her successes she now uses to inspire students at Sakura.

Her competition success continues with numerous local and national wins and now competes in Kumite disciplines too.

Kelsey has won over 20 medals and trophies competing in Kata, kumite, pairs Kata and team kata/kumite disciplines showing her amazing versatility. She won a bronze medal at the EKF - English Karate Federation Championships in 2018. 

Present Day

Along with training towards her 3rd Dan, she continues to compete all over the UK and Europe. She has been an assistant instructor for many years and currently assists Sensei Emmy at Shadow Karate Squad.

Kelsey has been an amazing ambassador for the Association since she began in 2012 and continues to be a hard working student and coach. Her respect and discipline in training is an inspiration to all Sakura students. She trains in ALL 4 traditional styles of Karate.


Kelsey would like to be a Full Time Coach at Sakura Karate Association and continue with her success at competitions.