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Private Tuition

If your aim is to improve your aptitude and technical ability in any particular area then the benefits afforded by private tuition are enormous. You will have the advantage of having the instructor all to yourself, with their lesson designed just for you. In general classes, the instructor can be faced with as many as thirty students, each with different abilities and different rates of learning. For the majority of the lesson the instructor may be forced to proceed at a rate suitable for that of the average pupil. Even when a student is performing well in the dojo and in other areas like gradings and competitions, it is highly likely that they will need private tuition to gain an advantage over their peers. In these one to one classes the instructor can tailor their teaching style to suit each individual.

It seems almost impossible to doubt the enormous benefits that this offers a student prior to a grading, competition or simply throughout their normal training. In an age where extra tuition is becoming the norm, it may be necessary to take advantage of this great opportunity or risk being left behind.

Private lessons are conducted by Sensei Becky & Sensei Emmy throughout the day and evening Monday to Saturday at Willenhall Black Belt Academy.

Sessions vary in length and are tailored to each individual student. From just £20 and must be pre-booked via

Please email to register your interest. Students must be Red belt or above.